The Brink, Second Chances

‘The Brink is the best example of how amazing the city of Liverpool is.’ Independent Liverpool.

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Today I want to talk about second chances. It’s contextual, but most people deserve them. The Brink is a ‘dry’ café in the heart of Liverpool City Centre (Parr St), which depicts exactly why second chances should be given. It has an enjoyable, friendly atmosphere, delicious and reasonably priced food, and even a piano and board games like chess inside. I particularly enjoy the pancakes and a smoothie! And the most special part of this café is that its a recovery social enterprise. This means that their profits are used to help local people recover from addictions, particularly alcoholism. As well as this, the staff team is made up of ex-offenders- given a second chance.

Having interacted with the staff many times myself, I can honestly say that they are a group of lovely, kind, friendly people. If it weren’t for The Brink, they would struggle to find employment. But some people deserve second chances. Addiction is an illness, which can lead to mistakes. But if you can be truly remorseful, and learn from those mistakes, you deserve a second chance. There is a whole life ahead of these people; a life that can be used for good and lived happily. The employees at Brink are using their lives to help others who are going through similar struggles to them. They would not be able to do this if it weren’t for second chances.

We all make mistakes. Imagine falling out with someone every time they made a mistake. I wouldn’t have any friends left. People are far from perfect, and everyone has a different life story that has lead them to where they end up. Try not to judge people before you know their story. If you live in Liverpool, try out The Brink for somewhere different. As the quote above says, it really represents the good qualities of Liverpool. We may be branded as robbers, but once you get to know us, and our city, you realise that there is a common bond- a love shared between scousers and the people who come to live here, that runs deep. A love that means we want to help each other, look out for each other, have each other’s backs. This is what The Brink is doing.

If there’s anyone in your life who you cut out because of one mistake, think about whether you could forgive them and reform the relationship. Don’t lose hope with people who suffer with addiction, and try not to take it personally when they made need more than one second chance.

Sending hugs, Kiayah xxx

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