carry on

Just a short post this week. It’s been a hard one to get through. But we have to carry on.

Carry on for-

the feeling of the sun on your face

to cuddle your dog again

to hear your favourite songs again

to laugh with your friends

to reread your favourite book

to adventure to new places

to feel the comfort of bed again after a long day

to taste your favourite meal again

to hug your loved ones

to hear the waves of the sea crash onto the sand

to feel the heat as you step off a plane in a new country

to see a stranger smile back at you.

There are so many reasons to carry on. Sometimes it really doesn’t feel worth it. But it is. Keep going, I believe in you.

Sending hugs, (so many hugs), Kiayah xxx


Fingertips. It’s all about the fingertips. Pulsing through my body and to the very edge of my being. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. First, perfection. Hair, make up, costume, shoes, not a strand out of place; enough to hide the blemishes, but not too much; perfectly fitted to every part of my body; broken in, laced around my legs in perfect symphony. 2 minutes. Enough time for a brief run through in my head, then my good luck ritual. Eyes closed, feet in 1st, head back, breathe. Breathe in for 4, out for 6, 3 times. I am worthy. I am strong. I am beautiful.

My feet are leading the way. 8 steps, light as a feather, quick. As I turn to face the wonderous faces, the familiar feelings of amazement, excitement, and passion whirl together in my heart and wait to be released.  The music quickens, time for the fun. Arms alternating, sweeping through the air as the rest of my body follows my feet once more. Right foot up en pointe, and turn, and step. This is the only time I feel truly satisfied. Each movement satisfies something deep within my heart, this is when I am living my truth, my authenticity. Every part of my body feels truly alive, tingling with love and pride. Especially during the parts where I get to fly. Soaring through the air my entire being is transformed into a beautiful swan, and I am free. This is when joy steps up. Bursts from my stomach and ripples from within me, outwards, to settle upon the faces of those who can see.

More slowly now, returning to the centre. Standing in 3rd, arms rising perfectly in time to the music, slowly making their way above me. Finally, settling. Intertwined slightly, strong but supple, my final statement of the love that surges through me. Fingertips.