Nana Tess

Today, it has been 6 months since we lost this beautiful, funny woman. Without knowing that it had been 6 months, I recently looked through one of my journals and found a quote in it that I had written down, said by Nana Tess. It read ‘everyday I wake up with new pain, but I’m still here kid, I’m still here.’

At first glance I read this and felt sad that she is no longer here. But then I realised, she always will be. At the time when she said this to me, I wrote her quote down because I was in pain myself and needed inspiration to get through one of the lowest points of my life. Her words helped to me get through it, and taught me to fight through the low times to reach the highs. In this way, her ethos will always stay with me, and she will always stay with me.

When we lose people it is deeply saddening and their physical presence is gone. But if they loved you and affected your life, they will always be present in the way you live your own life. I will one day teach my children the same ethos and it will hopefully spread down my generations of our lovely family. That way, Nana will live on forever.

I miss your hugs, Nana. But your words will always stay with me.

Sending love, Kiayah xxx

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