Learning through Difficulty

If you’re revising and finding it extremely easy, you’re probably not doing it right. It is pushing through the difficult times that help you to learn the most. And it’s the same with all other issues in your life. You have to face your darkest worries to push through them and emerge more clearly on the other side. As written about on BPS Research Digest recently, when you’re finding your work easy, you’re not truly learning anything new. Yes it’s important to repeat information so that you can remember it, but if you do this too many times it can be detrimental. We all know that it feels great when your studying and ‘doing well’, but shouldn’t we focus on the things we can’t already understand and remember?

Yes, yes we should. During the upcoming academic year, remember not to waste your time repeating too much. Remember to fill the gaps in your knowledge. If you don’t understand how to do Integration in your A Level Maths- force yourself to face this task. Find past paper questions on this topic and try to do them. Then when it becomes too difficult, either look up videos such as examsolutions, or ask your teacher to explain it to you again. The next time you do a past paper, you’ll get a higher grade, because you’ve faced your difficulties.

This, as many things, can be applied in ‘real life’. When you bury your head in the sand, hiding away from your darkest issues, they only get worse. For example, worrying about an upcoming job interview. If you don’t face it, and just bury your head in the sand, you’ll get to the night before the interview and try to cram all of your preparation in. You’re unlikely to get the job. If you face your fears the day you get the interview date, you have time to panic a little (let’s face it, we all panic a little bit) and then calm down and prepare for the interview by doing the relevant research etc. You’re a lot more likely to get the job. You’ve put your best foot forward and fulfilled your potential.

Those are just a few examples of why we should face our worries head on and deal with them. If you’re reading this and have something niggling in the back of your mind, this is me telling you to face it. Get help if you need to, speak to a friend about it, but whatever you do- face it.

Sending hugs, Kiayah xxx