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Spoiler Alert: I’ll be talking about parts of the whole series so don’t read if you haven’t finished it yet.

I loved this show. It got me hooked and I made my way through it pretty quickly. The characters of Joe and Beck were intriguing and I always wanted to see more. But what I want to discuss in this post is Joe.

He is toxic, of course. He is violent, manipulative, and deceitful throughout the whole show. He has a dark mind and lack of remorse which is frankly psychopathic. And yet, some of us, like Beck, fell for him…but why?

Because people like Joe are very good at making you think that the terrible things that they do are for you. And therefore transform them into good acts of care and kindness. This can have an extremely bad effect on you if you then hold yourself responsible, as so many people in Beck’s case would do. But what I love about the way Netflix made this show is that they didn’t hide from it. They showed her falling for him and his pretence, and then implied at the end that he killed her. This is so amazing because it proves that he is still dangerous, even if he ‘loves’ you. If someone is an inherently bad person, you’re unlikely to be able to change them and it DOESN’T matter if you think they love you.

This show highlights the red flags that should be looked for so that less people can end up in toxic, abusive relationships. It once again doesn’t shy away when portraying the storyline of Claudia and Ron. It sheds light on why she feels she can’t get out of the relationship, and the things that can happen once someone is trapped in such a way. Again this can be used to help people look out for the warning signs; whether that be in your own life or in looking out for and reaching out to a friend.

Personally I really enjoyed this show and I’m grateful that it was made in the way that it is. Let me know your opinions on it too!

Sending hugs, Kiayah xxx

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